The Line girl is a queer multidisciplinary artist that uses collage, drawing, installation and performance to explore the infinite subject of ‘Lines’. Having a wide range of exploration within her work, she still holds onto the consistently deliberate and organic fluent notion of the linear structure , which is pivotal to her ongoing exploration of a ‘simple’ subject

The Line Girl was born in Baguio City, Philippines. Growing up in Philippines and Scotland, eventually moving her base to London.


She studied Photography at University, during which she developed and created her year long project and the start of her exploration of lines, ‘The Line Book’. A concertina book consisting of photos taken every day for a year, with each photograph having a consistent line flowing through it.


During the period of ‘The Line Book’, The Line Girl went to study for a semester at École supérieure d'Art de Grenoble, France. With very little knowledge of the French language and unknowingly joining an all french speaking course she spent her lecture hours creating line drawings on her sketchbook, these drawings being the birth of her now organic signature lines.


During her time studying she also worked as an artist assistant and studio manager, continuing this work until she proceeded to independently work on her own practice. Starting with creations on paper The Line Girls work started to take a turn into larger and more immersive pieces when she moved to a community filled with creatives. Here she began to explore more cross collaborations with others in the area, removing any limitations to her practice.


The Line Girl is a firm believer that art should belong to everyone and that her pieces be accessible to as many people as possible. Painting murals, she creates art work that is available to the public and with body painting she invites people to be their own artwork.


Representation being an importance in her work, Line Girl creates illustrations that highlight and celebrate queer women, mental health and includes aspects of her own personal life into her work.


The Line Girls work can be seen at various spaces throughout London in the form of large murals. She has created work for The Other Art Fair, Tik Tok, Jägermeister, Netflix, Patrón Tequila alongside several venues and brands across the UK.





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