Information: Supporting Contemporary Art and Artists

  • To discover, represent, and promote artists and makers within Hackney Wick and the surrounding areas.

    Felstead Art offers both an artist collective and a multidisciplinary consultancy, working with local artists within Hackney Wick and the surrounding areas in East London. Through a strong online platform and a range of creative solutions, we strive to represent, promote, and advance our artists practices and careers. Through a flexible variety of both in-house and 3rd party services we can offer; artist representation and management, promotion and sales, exhibitions and events, bespoke framing and art presentation, conservation and restoration, advisory, appraisals and reporting, logistics, transportation, art handling and packing, exhibition and installation work, printing and digitisation, and collection management.
  • Michael Wormack

    Founder & Director

    Felstead Arts was launched by Michael Wormack, a dealer and entrepreneur, specialising across the fine art, contemporary craft, fine jewellery, and gemmological industries, with 20 years of experience in galleries, appraisals, and pawnbroking. Michael is trained and qualified in a number of specialties including art business, art history, jewellery appraisal, metalwork and jewellery design, gemmology, diamonds, and retail jewellery. After spending a few years as a pawnbroking expert on Posh Pawn, the hit Channel 4 documentary series, Michael launched Vaas Virtu in 2016 - an advisory and appraisal business, followed by Felstead Studios in 2017 - a bespoke framing business, and finally Felstead Art in 2021.

    Michael Wormack, Founder & Director

    Michael Wormack

  • Rosalie Oakman

    Studio Assistant & Artist Liaison
    Rosalie Oakman is a multidisciplinary artist, using textiles, drawing and painting. She joined Felstead shortly after her MA in Textile Design from the University of the Arts London, where she trained in textile design with a focus on sustainability. She has a Bachelor in Fine Arts from the Beaux-Arts d'Angers, in France. 
    Rosalie is fascinated by the themes of anatomy, psychology, sexuality and mortality, listing Egon Schiele, Jenny Saville, Lucian Freud, Louise Bourgeois, Tracy Emin and František Kupka as influences. She endeavours to paint and draw people, her intent is to examine the contradiction and correlation of spiritual strength, human body, sexual representation, and feminism in our society.
    She obtained the Moorhouse Scholarship in 2021 and has participated in shows in France, the United-Kingdom and China.
    Rosalie Oakman, Studio Assistant & Artist Liaison

    Rosalie Oakman

  • George Boon

    Framing Technician
    Joining the Felstead team, George works on framing production and finishing. With an extensive background in a wide range of crafts skills, from 16th century renovation work, to set design, to high-end fashion retail builds across Europe, George brings a wealth of creativity and ingenuity to the studio.
    Completing his study’s in music at the Brighton institute of Morden Music and spending many years traveling around the world, George has since focused on his practical and creative work. Coming from a family of artists, he has a keen eye for detail and creativity, and finally found his passion for framing in 2019. Spending the past few years working for high-end bespoke framers in London has allowed the perfect way to hone in his skill-sets and love of craft.
    George Boon, Framing Technician

    George Boon

  • Sandra Rodriguez de Paula

    Conservation & Restoration

    Sandra Rodriguez de Paula is an ICON member with years of experience in national and international private and public institutions. After her Masters in Fine Art Conservation at Northumbria University, she obtained the prestigious Iberdrola Fellowship twice (2016-2018). Later on Sandra worked both at the Fine Arts Museum of Bilbao and at El Prado Museum in Madrid. After opening Artem Conservation in London, she has been collaborating with Felstead Art, national and international museums and other conservation studios treating a wide range of arworks by William Hogarth, Picasso, Barcelo, Miró, Tracey Emin and Kiefer. Her practice adheres strictly to the ICON Code of Ethics, with Artem´s values centred on providing museum quality conservation for artists, individuals, commercial galleries and institutions.

    Sandra Rodriguez de Paula, Conservation & Restoration

    Sandra Rodriguez de Paula

  • Matthew Payne


    Matt is a photographer and aerial videographer based in London. He has experience in many different facets of photographic imagery, including portraitraiture, documentary, editorial and aerial as well as video creation.


    Matt is engaged primarily with 'capturing the moments between', those moments that naturally reflect people in their environments, their relationships with each other and their wider roles and functions in a community and society. He is also intrigued by perception; how every depiction of an object or space can be altered radically and portrayed so differently after a slight change of angle or point-of-view, particularly from an aerial perspective. Alongside that, using mostly aerial footage, Matt endeavours to elicit emotion through moving-image, with each short focusing on a specific location or a collection of moments accompanying music or sound with the aim to evoke emotion.


    Matt has exhibited work documenting social housing in Hong Kong, has showcased selected images and video of Vietnam exhibited at a Ted X event in Ho Chi Minh and has displayed work recording street art and gentrification in Hackney Wick, London. He has also had many publications in different outlets, both digital and press, through a variety of briefs throughout his career.

    Matthew Payne, Photography

    Matthew Payne