A collection of images of East London - My Part of Town

dil·et·tante [ˌdɪlɪˈtanteɪ, ˌdɪlɪˈtanti] NOUN a person who cultivates an area of interest, such as the arts, without real commitment or knowledge: synonyms: dabbler · potterer · tinkerer · trifler · dallier · amateur · non-professional · non-specialist · layman · layperson a person with an amateur interest in the arts.


An apt description of a Newham residents depictions through a series of personal photographs of the changing face of the everyday "East End". New people, dockside residential developments, legacy 2012 Olympic infrastructure, gentrification, Shoreditch, "HackneyCool" The Wick, E20, Vibrant Multicultural re branding..


I have re discovered/discovered areas street(s) of my part of town previously unknown to me, the open spaces of Wansted Flats in Newham, The Victorian cobbled back streets of Tower Hamlets, Regents & Hertford canals making their way through Victoria Park in Hackney, the Thames.


The focus of this collection of images are the three London inner broughs I know best Newham,Hackney & Tower Hamlets. Broughs I was born into shopped in and partied in the broughs that have shaped me. Change, Gentrification, A dabbler, A potterer , A Tinkerer, An Amature discuss..




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