Susan Supercharged (aka Suzie Zabrowska) is an Artist, and Curator based in London. Hailing from the East Village Art scene of the 1980’s she relocated to London in the 1990’s to form an art collective in East London and then in the 2000’s became an active member of the vibrant Hackney Wick Arts Community. 


Susan Supercharged has been commissioned in Hackney Wick to create multiple billboards for Fish Island as a featured artist, large scale murals for the Lord Napier Pub, and is currently the artist in residence at The Stratford Hotel. Arts activism and artists rights have also been central to her work in Hackney Wick, creating the outreach community workshop programming as the curator of learning for the Hackney Wicked Festival in 2019.


Her work has been shown in such diverse places as museum exhibitions, to small galleries, from Hackney Wick to New York City, a collateral project at 57th Venice Biennale to the museum of Contemporary Art in Oaxaca Mexico, and in VR online with group Kara Agora.


Susan Supercharged has also curated pop up exhibitions at the Victoria and Albert Museum, and an exhibition about Keith Haring, and the New York art scene at Open Eye Gallery in Liverpool, and groups shows at gallery’s in Hackney Wick such as Mother. She has organised fund raising auctions for artists, and had her first large scale solo show at Stour Space on Fish Island.


During lockdown she was awarded a grant by the European Cultural Foundation for her experimental film work, expanded cinema techniques and a creation of a new type of filmic celluloid. Susan is also an educator who lecturers extensively on the role of gentrification in arts communities. Now working solely from temporary spaces within Hackney Wick, and remotely in local businesses, she embodies the role of this modern allegorical and questioning situation of being a continually commissioned Hackney Wick artist, yet gentrified out of her studio.


Fusing analogue hand rendered and digital techniques Susan Supercharged’s artwork investigates a collage of mediums, including film, painting and sound to create new contemporary interpretations as visual pentimentos emerge. Pyschogeography is an ongoing exploration, coupled with aleatory experiments. Susan is also an educator who lecturers extensively on the role of gentrification in arts communities. 


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