Rosalie is a French/British, London based multidisciplinary artist. Using drawing, painting, textiles, photography, and sound installation to produce her work.

Most of my works speak about identity, bodies, trauma, social justice, and womxns’ sexuality. Stories we keep to ourselves, hide or that are put to silence, subjects that are sometimes overlooked or considered taboo.


My series of work Erased is shining a light on womxns’ voices in the series of works ‘I am not one but one of many a safe space to express and reflect on what sexuality taught womxn and what they would have done differently or told their younger selves. Making that information available to other people, bringing awareness around the multiplicities of womxns’ sexualities. Erased also investigates the rapport of dialogue, space and trauma, with two series of work linked to my personal story: ‘where I was raped ’ and ‘le prix d’être une femme’. Both are exposing notions of non-consensual sexual interactions, and the mental aspect of what happens during and after the event.


I do not bring answers with those pieces of work, but I hope to open dialogue and awareness around consent, the impact of toxic masculinity and how someone’s actions can influence a person, even if barely anything happens.


I hope to also show that nothing can’t be overcome and speak of the mental weight of those events and how they integrate themselves as part of one’s story, one’s identity. note: I will be using the spelling ‘Womxn’; it is a spelling of ‘women’ that is a more inclusive, progressive term that not only sheds light on the prejudice, discrimination, and institutional barriers womxn have faced but also shows that womxn are not the extension of men but their own free and separate entities.


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'I am not one, but one of many', interview sample  UAL Showcase  



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