Matt is a photographer and aerial videographer based in London. He has experience in many different facets of photographic imagery, including portraitraiture, documentary, editorial and aerial as well as video creation.


Matt is engaged primarily with 'capturing the moments between', those moments that naturally reflect people in their environments, their relationships with each other and their wider roles and functions in a community and society. He is also intrigued by perception; how every depiction of an object or space can be altered radically and portrayed so differently after a slight change of angle or point-of-view, particularly from an aerial perspective. Alongside that, using mostly aerial footage, Matt endeavours to elicit emotion through moving-image, with each short focusing on a specific location or a collection of moments accompanying music or sound with the aim to evoke emotion.


Matt has exhibited work documenting social housing in Hong Kong, has showcased selected images and video of Vietnam exhibited at a Ted X event in Ho Chi Minh and has displayed work recording street art and gentrification in Hackney Wick, London. He has also had many publications in different outlets, both digital and press, through a variety of briefs throughout his career.



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