Alex Robertson is a photographer living and practising in Hackney Wick, East London. Taking a contemporary documentary photography approach to his work, Alex has developed an immersive style with collaboration at the centre of his practice. By positioning himself within the environment of his work, his photography takes on an authentic and highly contextual quality.  


Drawing on the many forms that documentary photography can take, Alex chooses to focus on social context and the wider political landscape within which his work sits. He also uses constructed elements within his work, exploring the staged nature of images and our relationship with photography in the era of social media, image manipulation and the internet. Whilst his images from the Peanut Factory project are a product of the at-risk artist’s community in Hackney Wick, they also directly contribute to this rapidly changing landscape; Alex’s documentary practice allows him to explore this symbiosis.


In 2021 Alex completed a Masters in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism at the University of Westminster, fuelled by a desire to tell stories through images and elevate his work from a passion to an artistic practice. The rigorous academic approach of the course challenged him to embrace new approaches to contemporary documentary photography and approach it with the multidisciplinary functionality he uses today.




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