I am a designer, I am a visual artist, I love self expression, I love to create, I am endlessly trying to foresee the future and reimagine it. I obsess with form and shape and a balance achieved both from symmetry and asymmetry. I clash thought processes and forms that should not work together but i find a way. I know that noting is impossible, I aim to inspire. I create wearable Fashion Sculpture, I then capture it in the medium that best embodies it. Reimagineeverything

Born in Varna Bulgaria and raised in London from an early age. Studied Fashion Design at London College of Fashion Early days Designer at Brand TwoGuys Worked as a Freelance Fashion Stylist / Creative Director / Consultant for numerous international clients in both the music, fashion and advertising world, including stints as fashion director The A Magazine, Touch, Wig, Infringe magazines and co founder Fashion Director of Centerfold Magazine. Creative Director / Designer Jivomir Domoustchiev Fashion Brand launched 2016 ongoing Exploring Purity in Future Fashion Sculpture Design and expression through fashion Film and Digital Photography.


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