Ann Mackowski is a London based visual artist.  Her work explores the relationship between culturally held worldviews and actual physical space. It creates parallels between maps and architecture and wider belief systems, and operates under the premise that the way we interpret the world today is influenced just as much by intangible beliefs as it was several thousand years ago.  She references both mythological and real historical figures in her work by re-constructing and altering them to explore concepts of visual heritage.  Her work challenges the notion that science has extricated ourselves from the power of imagination in our understanding of space, and that our grasp of the physical world is tangible in a way our ancestors could never understand.

Her work also draws upon science, history and sociology to explore the idea of intrinsic value in art. It employs multiple materials designed to examine ideas of worth and cultural capital, and how history fits into modern ideas about the purpose of art. 


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