We are beyond politics, only activism and art can hope to save us.

Originally a large-scale video artist, her images sourced from her drawings, paintings and collages were projected on massive scale at underground raves and on the international club scene for the first 10 years of her artistic career. From balaclava crying demon beauties, apocalyptic children and botanical skulls, CW brings beauty and vibrancy to subjects that are often disturbing or uncomfortable. Her work features in local and international group shows as well as book & album covers. CW is a co-curator of the NASTY WOMEN LONDON collective. At the start of the 20's, CW returned to the world of digital art. Her recent work has been featured at FUTURIST CONFERENCES & digital galleries. Her large canvases, digital work and prints vividly capture flash points of protest, politics & futurist ideologies all with a celebratory use of colour.


CWSTUBBS is a self-taught artist, born in England, raised in Canada, and now living and working in East London.


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