Daigoro Sasaki is a London-based visual artist and photographer.

Daigoro Sasaki is a London-based visual artist and photographer. He has been a Local artist in Hackney Wick/Fish Island since 2009.


His works explore "the visible and the invisible", which is the notion of memories between visual phenomenons and psychological contents in our time axes or imaginary lines in photography, videos, mixed media, performances and installations. His works are always inspired by the lifestyle of the industrial warehouses in London.


His works have been exhibited and shown by; Selected Works “Memorable Frame 2015” 125 LIVE Award UK, “Lines of Fate” Exposure Award Paris (2015), “Room In The Sky” Aesthetica Art Award UK Finalist (2011),


Exhibitions and Performances : "The Scape of Pulse" @ *HWed / London (2019), "Ethers." @ Goldsmith University / London (2017), "Memorized Scape" @ *HWed / London (2017), “Memorable Frame" @ Dray Walk Gallery / London (2015), “Time Clock-wise” Border Body / Almeria, Spain & Bari, Italy (2014), “Anagrammatic Memories” @ Arbeit Gallery / London, UK (2013), “Cicada Shell” GAA Showcase @ De Oude Kerk / Amsterdam (2012), Shunt AV Live Act @ Latitude Festival UK / Norwich, UK (2011), “Time Clock-wise” @ Big Dance Festival UK / London (2012), Rhizome” @ Artch Gallery (2010), “Rhizome” @ Shunt Money Theatre (2010), *HWed : Hackney Wicked Festival.


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